EZ+ Program


The Bowling Green Police Division’s E.Z.+ team continues to coordinate this program. 2001 marked the first year the E.Z.+



curriculum was successfully piloted in the Health Classes of at the Junior High School. The Police Division believes the curriculum will reinforce the positive living skills that students need to enable them to act in their own best interest. The E.Z.+ program remains a great opportunity for police officers and students to interact in a positive manner.

The Program

The Bowling Green Police Division, in cooperation with B.G. City Schools, has implemented an after school program to reinforce and reward the positive behavior of our Bowling Green Junior High students. These seventh and eighth graders are exposed to a new environment and peer pressure increases. New attitudes towards teachers, police and those in authority are being shaped at this critical time in a child’s life. It is at this point that a collective effort from the school, police division and other community partners can make a difference in providing a positive atmosphere in shaping the lifestyle decision-making processes of our youth.


The EZ+ Program issues its members a photo ID card. This membership card affords the students all privileges associated with the program. The students sign a pledge to be drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence free. Should the student violate this promise, any parent, police officer or school official will suspend the privileges, membership and revoke the card. The student will not be allowed to participate in any membership activity until he or she meets with the program’s peer group.