EZ+ for Parents


The Bowling Green Police Division, in cooperation with the B.G. City Schools implemented an after-school program to reinforce and reward the positive behavior of our Bowling Green Junior High School students. These seventh and eighth graders are exposed to a new environment where peer pressure increases. New attitudes towards teachers, police, and those in authority are being shaped at a critical time in a child's life. At this point, a collaborative effort from the school, Police Division, and other community partners make a difference in providing a positive atmosphere to help shape the decision-making processes of our youth.


The EZ Plus Program will issue its members a photo I.D. card. This membership card will afford the students all privileges associated with the program. The students will sign a pledge to be drug, violence, and crime free. Should the student violate this pledge, any parent, police officer, or school official may suspend the privileges, membership and revoke the card. The student will not be allowed to participate in any membership activity until he or she meets with the memberships' peer group.

The Pledge

  • Remain Drug Free
  • Remain Violence Free
  • Remain Crime Free

EZ+ Events

As a reward to those members that exhibit positive behaviors, and for the integrity of the EZ+ program, only EZ+ members may participate in our events. Please note that students that are not EZ+ members, or are members and have had their EZ+ membership revoked, will not be allowed to participate in EZ+ events. Members that do not act appropriately at EZ+ events will also be subject to removal from the event. Per policy, the EZ+ team will make a notification to parents to come and pick up their child, or if the parental notification cannot be made, and for safety concerns, he or she will be transported home by an on-duty uniformed BGPD officer.


EZ+ members who lose their ID card after the membership drive will not be allowed to participate in any EZ+ event unless he or she pays a $1 Lost ID Card fee. The fee must be paid at each EZ+ event. Also, note that students who do not wish to sign up for the EZ+ program during the membership drive week will not be allowed to participate in EZ+ events this school year. The only exceptions will be for those students who were absent from school the entire week of the membership drive, or who register at the BGJHS/St. Aloysius Junior High School as new students after the membership drive dates. Please contact the EZ+ Supervisor with questions or concerns regarding membership.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the EZ+ program, please feel free to contact Patrol Officer Robin Short, DARE Officer.