Family & Friends Nature Hikes

Finding time to attend a nature program can be difficult with our busy, complicated schedules. The Family and Friends Nature Hike lets you pick a day and time that works for your group and a park staff member. This program is designed to provide access to the Nature Center and the preserve at your convenience on evenings and weekends. Tell us what you want to explore or leave the theme up to us. Topics may include: mammals, birds, bugs, geology, trees or flowers. We can even do night hikes! You decide!

How to Schedule a Hike

  • Designate one person to contact the Nature Center and arrange a time for your hike. After the hike is scheduled you may pay in advance by cash, check or credit card or bring cash or check to the program
  • Allow for 1.5 hours:
    • Residents: $25 per hike
    • Non-Residents: $35 per hike
  • Find another family or more (we can accommodate up to 5 families at a time) and find some common times that work for your group
  • Make sure all the families have signed a Parks and Recreation Liability Waiver for the current year (this can all be completed online or in person at the Community Center)
  • Bring fixings for s'mores if you so desire