Bowling Green Recycling Center Drop Off

Bowling Green Recycling 24-Hour Drop offThe Bowling Green Recycling Center, located at 1040 N College Drive (off E Poe Road), is not owned or operated by the City and is managed as an independent non-profit by a volunteer management committee.

It is a great option for apartments, condominiums and mobile homes! Curbside recycling service for areas not eligible for City collection may be contracted by the owners or management/associations in cooperation with a private hauler.

Who Can Recycle at the 24-Hour Drop off

Anyone! This can be a great option for residents who are not eligible for curbside collection or for those times of year when your curbside bin is a little too full. The City of Bowling Green's curbside refuse and recycling collection, by ordinance, is for one and two family dwellings on public streets.

How & What to Recycle

Three Quick and Easy Steps:

Step 1

Place a container next to your waste basket, under the sink, in a closet, by the door or wherever it is most convenient for you. The plastic container provides clean, convenient storage for your recyclables, and keeps them from being contaminated by garbage and other trash. Some home improvement or hardware stores sell specialized recycling bins for this purpose. Recycling is clean, quick and simple!

Step 2

Prepare your recyclables as directed and place in your recycling container instead of the trash can. Recycling takes only a few minutes each day!

Step 3

Take your recyclables to the Bowling Green Recycling Center's 24-hour drop off located at 1040 N College Drive and sort into the containers provided for each item.

Please follow the simple guidelines in preparing items for recycling. Recyclables improperly prepared or mixed with trash cannot be recycled. Be sure to read all signage carefully when bringing materials for recycling. Visit the Bowling Green Recycling Center's Website for a full list of accepted items and how to prepare them.